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Reconfigure a Rocks Frontend with new network settings
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DynIP Dynamic IP

This roll is an attempt to create a reconfigurable frontend. With this roll installed it is possible to change public ip FQDN of a frontend.

This roll is still under heavy development. Do not use.


You should install this roll following the procedure below:

git clone
cd dynip
make roll
rocks add roll dynip-*.iso
rocks enable roll dynip
cd /export/rocks/install
rocks create distro
rocks set attr rocks_dynip true
rocks run roll dynip | bash

Finally you will have to create a /root/vc-out.xml file with the appropriate format. You can find an example file in /root/vc-out.xml.template or at pragma_boot

rocks reconfigure

This command can be used to reconfigure a frontend using a configuration file with the new network parameters:

   rocks reconfigure /root/vc-out.xml
   mv /root/vc-out.xml /root/vc-out.xml.old

These commands are called automatically by the rocks-dynip service at boot time.

Frontend with DHCP


To have a frontend which works with DHCP it is necessary to activate rocks-dynip at boot time as indicated above to create a file in /etc with:

  touch /etc/rocks-dhcp

And set the pubblic interface to dhcp:

  rocks set host interface options localhost eth1 dhcp
  rocks report host interface localhost | rocks report script | bash

After these two steps the frontend will DHCP and reconfigure itself based upon it's IP address received from the DHCP

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