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SDSC "img-storage" roll


This roll bundles the packages for managing VM images in ROCKS cluster.

It includes:

  • is a messaging broker implementing AMQP protocol and providing message exchange between cluster components.
  • Pika is a library for communication with RabbitMQ from Python.
  • pythondaemon, lockfile - should be provided by base roll
  • rocks-command-imagestorage - set of rocks commands
  • img-storage-nas - the NAS daemon
  • img-storage-vm - the Compute node daemon
  • img-storage - the common library containing the code for all daemons

For more information you can read the user guide at:


To build/install this roll you must have root access to a Rocks development machine (e.g., a frontend or development appliance).

If your Rocks development machine does not have Internet access you must download the appropriate img-storage source file(s) using a machine that does have Internet access and copy them into the src/<package> directories on your Rocks development machine.

This roll requires the full OS roll installed on the machine. KVM roll and zfs-linux are also required.


To build the img-storage-roll, execute these instructions on a Rocks development machine (e.g., a frontend or development appliance):

% make default 2>&1 | tee build.log
% grep "RPM build error" build.log

If nothing is returned from the grep command then the roll should have been created as... img-storage-*.iso. If you built the roll on a Rocks frontend then proceed to the installation step. If you built the roll on a Rocks development appliance you need to copy the roll to your Rocks frontend before continuing with installation.


To install, execute these instructions on a Rocks frontend:

% rocks add roll *.iso
% rocks enable roll img-storage
% cd /export/rocks/install
% rocks create distro
% rocks run roll img-storage | bash


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