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Table of Contents

Initial steps

Create directory structure in the shared applications mount point:

 # cd /share/apps
 # mkdir benchmarks
 # mkdir benchmarks/mpi-io
 # cd benchmarks/mpi-io

Get the source:

 # wget
 # tar -zxvf IOR-2.9.4.tar.gz

Build the application:

 # cd IOR-2.9.4/src/C

You'll need to edit the file named Makefile.config for site specific configurations. Here is an example Makefile.config from a Rocks 4.1 (CentOS) I386 cluster using the Intel mpicc wrapper script:

 CC = $(CC.$(OS)) 

Make the executable:

 # make mpiio
 # cp IOR ../../../

Running ior_mpiio

There is an online README for ior_mpiio available here:

Now we've built ior_mpiio. There are many ways to run it, I'll show how to use it with an interactive PBS session and also a PBS script.

First, running in an interactive PBS session:

Prepare an output directory to write data at the location where you want to test performance. I'll assume you have all directories on the master node, and want to write output files in the home directory.

 $ su - user
 $ mkdir output_files
Start the Interactive session:
 $ qsub -I -lnodes=[n]:ppn=[p]
 $ mpiexec /share/apps/benchmarks/mpi-io/IOR -a MPIIO -t 4M -b 4G -v -v

Using a PBS Script:

 #PBS -N IOR                                                                                                  
 #PBS -e IOR.err                                                                                                  
 #PBS -o IOR.out                                                                                                  
 #PBS -m aeb                                                                                                  
 #PBS -M user                                                                                                 
 #PBS -l nodes=[n]:ppn=[p]                                                                                                   
 #PBS -l walltime=30:00:00                                                                                                  
 ### ---------------------------------------
 ### ---------------------------------------
 echo The master node of this job is `hostname`
 echo The working directory is `echo $PBS_O_WORKDIR`
 echo This job runs on the following nodes:
 echo `cat $PBS_NODEFILE`
 ### end of information preamble
 cmd="mpiexec /share/apps/benchmarks/mpi-io/IOR -a MPIIO -t 4M -b 4G -v -v"
 echo "running bounce with: $cmd in directory "`pwd`


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