roll kernel upgrade

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If you need to upgrade kernel in kernel roll for any reason (driver problem for example). You can build your own Kernel roll with latest kernel update from CentOS/RHEL by follow the following procedure.

  • Put the desired kernel RPMs in /export/rocks/install/contrib/5.1/<arch>/RPMS/
  • Rebuild distribution: # cd /export/rocks/install && rocks create distro
  • Check out the rocks source code by following these instructions
  • Put all the same kernel RPMs to /src/roll/kernel/RPMS/<arch>. If the RPMS/<arch> does not exist, create one. Remember to replace with your system architecture (i386, x86_64, etc...)!
  • Rebuild the kernel roll
    # cd rocks/src/roll/kernel
    # make roll
  • Once the roll is built successfully, a file named kernel-*.iso should exist in rocks/src/roll/kernel. Try mounting it some place, for example in /mnt/cdrom:
    # mount -o loop kernel*.iso /mnt/cdrom
  • Check the built vmlinuz file if this is the newer version already. vmlinuz is the linux kernel itself that will be used during the installation
    # strings /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/vmlinuz | grep "2.6"
    Among the early lines of output, you should see the kernel version. See if it matches your desired version.
  • Next, check if the kernel RPM is updated. This can be done by
    # find /mnt/cdrom -name "kernel*.rpm"
  • Unmount the cd image when finished
    # umount /mnt/cdrom

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