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GBWallpaper - Gameboy Emulator as windows wallpaper

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Feeling bored with basic picture wallpapers? Want to play a quick game while all windows are minimzed? Well why not just run a full gameboy emulator as desktop wallpaper!

Don't want to play? then disable keyboard input & use Macro input, save sequence of moves & automatically play it back; Like an animated gif wallpaper.

Don't worry about performance overhead, it will pause when running fullscreen games or application.


Latest version: v0.3 (Windows 10, 8.1, 7)

Unzip the file, select Start.exe to get started.

To update the program, just delete the old folder & extract the new version; Run it once to fix the new startup path if run at startup enabled.

Save files & settings are stored in \Saved Games\GBWallpaper.



  • Different layouts styles.
  • Emulator will pause when running fullscreen application or games (~0% cpu & gpu usage).
  • Sound & keyboard input will get disabled when not on desktop, game will continue to run.
  • Audio Visualiser for running games.
  • Runs at system startup (optional).
  • Macro input, save sequence of moves & automatically play it back; Like an animated gif wallpaper.
  • Keyboard input & audio can be disabled.
  • Save works for supported games.
  • Shuffle roms, everytime you comeback to desktop from fullscreen application rom can change ( searches the rom folder containing the currently playing rom)
  • windows 7 , windows 8.1 support
  • Multimonitor users: A tool to adjust wallpaper position, for now you will have to manually enter the offset values, will automate it later.

What is planned for future release

  • Multimonitor system support.
  • Currently using unity-gb emulator, might switch it with a better one.
  • Better pause algorithm that works in various situations.
  • More macro input options.
  • Bug fixes.


  • SUPER MARIOLAND crash in menuscreen.
  • Keyboard input sustaining if you hold and change window focus.
  • Certain applications will interfere with window focus, will require user to click on desktop to give input.


Who asked for this?

Saw the suggestion on discord chat, got intrigued; took me longer than expected to make. Is this useless? maybe. Did I waste my time? Possibly. It was a good learning experience & fun to make.

High system usage?

The default style of blurred background is a bit expensive if you don't have dedicated graphics, just use different layout style such as "Simple". Regardless, when fullscreen application or game run it will goto ~0% usage.

Not taking input?

Certain applications can interfere with focus, just click on desktop or taskbar to regain focus.

Where is the source code?

I will update it later after cleanup & final update.


The following projects made this possible:

Unity-gb : (MIT License) : (MIT License)


If you like what I do & want to support me:


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