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What is Rockstor?

Rockstor is a Network Attached Storage(NAS) solution based on Linux and B-Tree Filesystem(BTRFS). It is written in Python and Javascript, and is made available as a complete Linux distribution for convenience. Rockstor takes NAS to a new level with advanced features, ease of use and management. It goes beyond NAS by supporting Docker based apps, RESTful APIs and serves as a powerful cloud storage platform in a box.

What are the project goals?

The main goal is to develop the ultimate open source NAS solution that anyone can simply deploy on commodity hardware, use it easily and not be restricted in any way. For more information, read the team's mission.

Who should use it?

Rockstor can be used by consumers and organizations, both big and small. As of the current release, it's intended for advanced home users, DIY NAS builders and smaller organizations that need NAS or private cloud in a box. Go to for more information.

Getting started

Best way to get started is by following the quickstart guide.

To get in touch with developers, users and contributors join our community forum.


Documentation is in the rockstor-doc repository. You can also read it online.


The community forum is the ideal place to look for help and ask other users and developers questions.

Issue tracking

You can go through all open issues for rockstor-core here.


Please see the file COPYING.


Development environment setup and contribution guidelines are explained here.

Pull requests are welcome. Pick an issue that interests you or create a new one to work on. You can also ask on the community forum for guidance. We'll be happy to help.

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