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The Rockstor Project

An open source (GPLv3 core / AGPLv3 Rock-ons) community endeavour to sustainably develop, maintain, and distribute an easy to use, flexible, Linux & BTRFS based DIY storage appliance.

About Us

Donations welcome:

What is Rockstor?

Rockstor is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution built on Linux and the B-Tree Filesystem (BTRFS). It is written in Python and Javascript and is made available as a complete Linux distribution for convenience. Rockstor takes NAS to a new level with advanced features, ease of use, and management. It goes beyond traditional NAS by supporting Docker based apps, RESTful APIs; and serves as a powerful cloud storage platform out-of-the-box.

What are the project goals?

The main goal is to develop an easy to deploy and use open source NAS solution for for commodity hardware. For more information, see: Our Endeavour.

Who should use it?

Rockstor aims to aid individuals and organisations alike. As a DIY setup some familiarity with PC/Pi4 operating system install is required; but not much beyond the basics. For more information please see our main web site:

Getting started and questions

The best way to get started is by following the quickstart guide.

To get in touch with developers, users, and contributors join our community forum and ask away.


Our Documentation is also a community endeavour with its own GitHub repo: rockstor-doc: contributions and corrections are always welcome.


The community forum is the ideal location for help and support; all current developers are also active forum members.

Issue tracking

We use GitHub's issue system, although a forum post/discussion is advised prior to opening a GitHub issue as this often helps in identifying exactly what should be added to an new issue. Rocksor issues.


Please see the file COPYING.


Development environment setup and contribution guidelines are available in our docs: Contributing to Rockstor - Overview

There is no Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

Pull requests are welcome. Pick an issue that interests you or create a new one. Please also reference our friendly community forum for open questions and our ever-growing wiki entries that serve as our community facing developer notes.