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Currently web-ui port(443) cannot be changed from the web-ui. Some users seem to want it.

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neyfrota commented Mar 5, 2016

add my 5 cents here:

Change nginx is the easy part... Big problem is: some rockstor systems need api at 443.... Try this:

  • ssh
  • change nginx config https port to 1443 (or any other)
  • reboot your rockstor
  • ssh again
  • RESULT: You notice NO pools/shares are mounted.. just basic root
  • change nginx config https port back to 443
  • reboot your rockstor
  • ssh again
  • RESULT: all your pools shares are mounted

So my guess is: rockstor startup service need api to perform some tasks

Im now looking how to change "current appliance" settings ... my guess if i explain my appliance lives at 1443, rockstor startup scripts will obey and we have peace in system again

Does any one has experience on that?

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holmesb commented Mar 11, 2016

The mgmt_port variable appears to be set to 443 by But there are 58 references to 443 in the code, and some of these are hard-coded rather than use the mgmt_port variable. So the solution is probably to allow mgmt_port to be changed in then replace the hard-coded references elsewhere with mgmt_port.


Linking to another forum threat with a use case involving for this feature involving openvpn:

greghensley commented Jun 1, 2016 edited

It looks like this was partially taken care of by cc3c89a, which included a setting for the HTTPS listener port in the rockstor service settings. However, I still see two areas for improvement:

  1. It needs another option to disable the default redirection of port 80 -> https
  2. Updating the setting regenerates rockstor's nginx.conf, but the change is not persistent across updates of the rockstor package.
    • That is, the config database maintains the custom port setting but nginx.conf is replaced by the default copy from the package. Since nginx.conf is only updated when the setting is changed, rather than when the rockstor service is started, you have to access the web interface on port 443 again, go to the rockstor service settings, and hit Submit to recreate nginx.conf with the correct port.
  3. It's not current possible to set a custom port which listens on the ANY address ( and [::]), since the config settings require selection of a network interface. This, despite the fact that the default nginx config uses the ANY address.
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IPv6 support in nginx #1360

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@schakrava schakrava remove http server section from nginx config templates. #983 99d0d39
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@schakrava schakrava print realtime ipv4 address info in the interface dropdown. #983 a376118
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@schakrava schakrava fix lazy vendor problem with uuid. #983 fb2fc12
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@greghensley Thanks for listing the problems. You saved me time, appreciate it!

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