Shell scripts for capturing and compiling timelapse photography
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Shell scripts for capturing and compiling timelapse photography, like this:

Example timelapse output




  • An iPhone or webcam with a live JPG photo URL

Because my phone is the best camera I own, I use it plus the ipCamera app; its undocumented photo URL path is /photo. To get it in the right physical position, I have a cheap gooseneck phone holder. Scrappy!


For Mac with Homebrew:

brew install ffmpeg
brew install gifsicle


First run by passing it the URL:

./ -u

This script will run forever, so press ctrl+c when want to quit.

Next, run


That will put an MP4 video and myriad smaller GIFs in the output folder.

When it's done, it will ask if you want to delete the captured photos. Maybe verify the output is acceptable before letting it do that!

Options and help

For a full list of the optional arguments, pass -h to either script:

./ -h
./ -h


MIT license or as components allow