Terminal Colors

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An often-requested feature is to be able to display code with syntax highlighting.

Using Syntax::Highlight::Perl::Improved Devel::Trepan can be instructed to highlight syntax in a window that supports ANSI terminal commands.

Here is how to use.

By default the debugger has syntax highlighting. To turn it off, do one of these things:

  • add —no-highlight as a trepan.pl flag:
$ trepan.pl --no-highlight your-ruby-program.rb  # or --highlight
  • or use the debugger “set highlight” command:
(trepan): set highlight off # or on or reset
  highlight is off.  

One thing you may want to is customize the colors. I need to figure out a way to let folks customize colors

The default values in the program are Devel::Trepan::DB::Colors and are set as follows:

%ANSI_colors = (
    none      => "\e[0m",

    red       => "\e[0;31m",
    green     => "\e[0;32m",
    yellow    => "\e[0;33m",
    blue      => "\e[0;34m",
    magenta   => "\e[0;35m",
    cyan      => "\e[0;36m",
    white     => "\e[0;37m",

    gray      => "\e[1;30m",
    bred      => "\e[1;31m",
    bgreen    => "\e[1;32m",
    byellow   => "\e[1;33m",
    bblue     => "\e[1;34m",
    bmagenta  => "\e[1;35m",
    bcyan     => "\e[1;36m",
    bwhite    => "\e[1;37m",

    bgred     => "\e[41m",
    bggreen   => "\e[42m",
    bgyellow  => "\e[43m",
    bgblue    => "\e[44m",
    bgmagenta => "\e[45m",
    bgcyan    => "\e[46m",
    bgwhite   => "\e[47m",

sub setup()
    my $perl_formatter = new Syntax::Highlight::Perl::Improved;
	'Comment_Normal'   => [$ANSI_colors{'bblue'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Comment_POD'      => [$ANSI_colors{'bblue'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Directive'        => [$ANSI_colors{'magenta'},  $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Label'            => [$ANSI_colors{'magenta'},  $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Quote'            => [$ANSI_colors{'black'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'String'           => [$ANSI_colors{'bcyan'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Subroutine'       => [$ANSI_colors{'bblue'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Variable_Scalar'  => [$ANSI_colors{'bgreen'},   $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Variable_Array'   => [$ANSI_colors{'bgreen'},   $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Variable_Hash'    => [$ANSI_colors{'bgreen'},   $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Variable_Typeglob'=> [$ANSI_colors{'black'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Whitespace'       => ['',                       ''                  ],
	'Character'        => [$ANSI_colors{'bred'},     $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Keyword'          => [$ANSI_colors{'black'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Builtin_Function' => [$ANSI_colors{'bwhite'},   $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Builtin_Operator' => [$ANSI_colors{'black'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Operator'         => [$ANSI_colors{'black'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Bareword'         => [$ANSI_colors{'white'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Package'          => [$ANSI_colors{'green'},    $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Number'           => [$ANSI_colors{'bmagenta'}, $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Symbol'           => [$ANSI_colors{'gray'},     $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'CodeTerm'         => [$ANSI_colors{'gray'},     $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'DATA'             => [$ANSI_colors{'gray'},     $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'Line'             => [$ANSI_colors{'byellow'},  $ANSI_colors{'none'}],
	'File_Name'        => [$ANSI_colors{'red'} . $ANSI_colors{'bgwhite'}, 

Getting ANSI terminal colors in GNU Emacs 23 requires its own customization. Here is what I have inside my .emacs startup profile

  ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom. ...
 '(ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on t)
 '(ansi-color-names-vector ["black" "red" "DarkOliveGreen4" "CadetBlue" "blue" "Purple" "DarkGoldenrod" "ivory4"])
 '(ansi-term-color-vector [unspecified "black" "red" "DarkOliveGreen4" "CadetBlue" "blue" "Purple" "DarkGoldenrod" "ivory4"])

Here is what my terminal colors for a Perl program look like: