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## autogenerated ChangeLog -- don't edit
2006-09-02 Saturday 13:04 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/ Wrong name in link: libiso9660->libcdio.
2006-08-07 Monday 11:38 Rocky Bernstein <>
* examples/, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/10.cdda.t:
get_track_msf -> get_msf. Use/show msf in example
2006-08-07 Monday 03:05 Rocky Bernstein <>
* disc.swg, track.swg, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/10.cdda.t: Add
get_track_msf. Patch supplied by Shannon.
Doc fixes: pycdio. -> $perlcdio::
2006-08-05 Saturday 08:48 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Build.PL, lib/.cvsignore, t/07.iso.t: Get ready for
new release. t/07.iso.t: ltime with DST is probably still
2006-08-05 Saturday 08:19 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Changes, lib/Device/ Get ready for 0.2.4 release.
2006-08-05 Saturday 08:02 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Makefile, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, t/07.iso2.t: Fix bugs in
Device::Cdio::ISO9600::FS::readddir and
2006-04-01 Saturday 16:18 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perlmmc.swg: Finish first pass of SWIGifying mmc.h. Nothing has
been tested yet, and no doubt many changes lay ahead.
2006-04-01 Saturday 11:35 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, perliso9660.swg, perlmmc.swg: Start MMC
2006-03-31 Friday 02:29 Rocky Bernstein <>
* examples/, examples/, examples/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ documentation changes
examples/* small changes for clarity
2006-03-31 Friday 02:26 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/07.iso.t: Reinstate strnpad_cpy test.
2006-03-30 Thursday 22:00 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg: Wasn't allocation large enough buffer for
2006-03-23 Thursday 16:18 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/Cdio/ perlisio9660.swg:
free C stat lists doc typo.
2006-03-23 Thursday 13:20 Rocky Bernstein <>
* README, perliso9660.swg, examples/README, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ More
documentation changes. (And there will be more until we get it
2006-03-23 Thursday 04:26 Rocky Bernstein <>
* examples/: .cvsignore: examples/.cvsignore
2006-03-23 Thursday 04:01 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Changes: Prepare for 0.2.3 release.
2006-03-20 Monday 18:58 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/ perldoc touch-ups.
2006-03-17 Friday 16:52 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/07.iso.t: Got daylight saving's time issue fixed (probably) in
libcdio 0.77.
2006-03-17 Friday 03:35 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/Cdio/ We are Cdio, not CGI.
2006-03-17 Friday 02:51 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/07.iso.t: Add get/set ltime test.
2006-03-16 Thursday 21:48 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg, t/07.iso.t: Reconcile differences in dtime vs tm
structure somewhat.
2006-03-14 Tuesday 11:43 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/ Minor corrections (perlcdio->perliso9660) Document
corrections. FSF Address change
2006-03-13 Monday 03:30 Rocky Bernstein <>
* README, perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, perliso9660.swg: remove bogus b_mode2 stuff.
revise documentation README: revise since we are using
2006-03-04 Saturday 01:05 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, device.swg: Regressing Build.PL and device.swg. The
problem that I changed Build.PL for was really caused by an
erroneous commit of device.swg.
2006-03-04 Saturday 00:46 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL: If we have SWIG, remove swig-generated files. I think
they can cause problems on other platforms.
2006-03-03 Friday 23:59 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/07.iso.t: Gotta remove is_{a,d}char tests again.
2006-03-03 Friday 23:33 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Makefile: make distcheck -> Build disttest (not distcheck).
2006-03-03 Friday 23:27 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Makefile.PL: .cvsignore
2006-03-03 Friday 23:09 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, Changes, Makefile.PL: add create_makefile_pl =>
passthrough for Makefile.PL compatibility
2006-03-03 Friday 22:51 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/:, Cdio/ more documetation work
2006-03-03 Friday 22:34 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Changes: Prepare for release.
2006-03-03 Friday 22:24 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/07.iso.t: stncpy_pad still broken on cygwin.
2006-03-03 Friday 22:14 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device.swg, t/.cvsignore, t/.gdb_history: t/.cvsignore
2006-03-03 Friday 21:56 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/Cdio/, t/07.iso.t: Fix stncpy_pad bug.
2006-03-03 Friday 21:11 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, examples/, t/07.iso2.t, t/07.iso3.t: Turn
example programs into regression tests.
2006-03-03 Friday 21:01 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/,
t/07.iso1.t: Documenti modules better.
2006-03-03 Friday 10:20 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg: Orgainize documentation more, and more
2006-03-03 Friday 09:55 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/.cvsignore: lib/.cvsignore
2006-03-03 Friday 09:55 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Changes, MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, lib/Device/Cdio/,
t/07.iso1.t: ISO9660: bug in setting is_dir again. 07.iso1.t:
Add ISO9660::IFS test
2006-03-03 Friday 03:17 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, perlcdio.swg, perliso9660.swg,
examples/, examples/, examples/,
lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, A better Synopsis
page Build.PL: copy SWIG-generated files to lib. MANIFEST: Don't
distribute out of blib to keep the CPAN indexer happy *.swg: Get
VERSION from Device::Cdio examples/*.pl: use File::Spec to
concatenate file names. Go for 0.2.2.
2006-03-02 Thursday 18:14 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg, t/07.iso.t: perliso9660.swg: remove stuff that
was not used and/or misleading. 07.iso.t: skip strnpad tests
until we understand why they sometimes fail.
2006-03-02 Thursday 18:00 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/,
t/07.iso.t: Build.PL: use pkg-config for iso9660. Solves the
-libiconv problem on cygwin better (and doesn't break GNU/Linux).
perliso9660.swg *.pm: remove more of the conditional
LIBCDIO_VERSION_NUM tests. We'll live with a little more reduced
for now. more defensive about short stat arrays.
07.iso.t: typo creaped in.
2006-03-02 Thursday 17:32 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/,
t/07.iso.t: Fixes for stock libcdio 0.76 Some adjustments for
cygwin (but I'm not sure cygwin's at fault.)
2006-03-02 Thursday 16:34 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, META.yml: META.yml is derived when making the
2006-03-02 Thursday 16:32 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perliso9660.swg, examples/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, Add find_lsn routines. Add common stat array to hash conversion routine, Add get_xxx routines. use them in
perliso9660.swg: Document more routines. Correct the ifs_get*
routines. Regularize ifs_xxx instead of xxx_ifs via %rename.
2006-03-02 Thursday 07:20 Rocky Bernstein <>
* README, cvs2cl_usermap, perliso9660.swg, examples/,
lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ perliso9660.swg: add lots of
perlpod. All constants done and meny subroutines.
all: Go over email addresses yet again.
{,I} Prefer string comparison to numeric one. Some versions
of perl can't handle the numeric comaprison for reasons I don't
know or want to find out why.
2006-03-02 Thursday 03:55 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Changes, META.yml, examples/README: Update documentation.
2006-03-02 Thursday 03:47 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, perliso9660.swg, examples/, examples/,
examples/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/
Lots of changes to get IFS and FS working well enough for the
sample programs and
We now return an singleton iso9660stat_t
returning data from ISO 9660 reads works.
Removed open and close from @EXPORTS (is in @EXPORTS_OK) as that
was getting confused with builtin open()/close().
2006-03-01 Wednesday 21:40 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore: .cvsignore add iso9660 c's and .o's
2006-03-01 Wednesday 21:39 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/Cdio/ Handles non-OO routines (like
name_translate is_achar, etc.)
2006-03-01 Wednesday 21:38 Rocky Bernstein <>
2006-03-01 Wednesday 21:34 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, device.swg, perliso9660.swg, data/copying.iso,
examples/, lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ Get first
example program, (iso1.c) from libcdio working. More routines
from iso9660.h work. In particular readdir.
device.swg, perlcdio.swig: better SWIG use based on recent
experience with perlcdio9660.swg.
2006-02-28 Tuesday 12:42 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ FS class is a subclass of
Cdio::Device for working with ISO9660 tracks.
2006-02-28 Tuesday 12:41 Rocky Bernstein <>
* lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ Missing a method doc.
2006-02-28 Tuesday 12:36 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, perliso9660.swg, read.swg, types.swg,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/ More towards getting ISO 9660
working. A number of routines added. read.swg: was not freeing a
char * return object.
2006-02-26 Sunday 04:03 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, perliso9660.swg, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ISO9660/, t/07.iso.t: More work on the ISO
9660 filesystem routines. Add first hint of Perl Package
(Device::Cdio::ISO9660) and OO routines
2006-02-25 Saturday 22:19 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, device.swg, perliso9660.swg, types.swg, t/07.iso.t:
More work on getting ISO 9660 more compilete.
2006-02-25 Saturday 06:03 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, perliso9660.swg, types.swg, t/07.iso.t: Looks
like ISO9660 access for Perl (via libiso9660) will be a reality!
2006-02-24 Friday 23:16 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, META.yml, device.swg, lib/Device/
Version number need to change for CPAN. Build.PL: a little
neater perhaps.
2006-02-13 Monday 15:28 Rocky Bernstein <>
* META.yml, device.swg, examples/, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ device.swg: minor space issues
alphabetize better, set track moved from Device
to Track set version number same as Device::Cdio
2006-02-13 Monday 02:20 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, Changes, MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, META.yml, device.swg,
lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, t/06.bincue.t: Build.PL: we no longer
require SWIG to be installed. We'll use our own perlcdio_wrap.c
if not.
device.swg: guard against using a libcdio's get_hwinfo which can
store outside of the array. It's only a problem in theory as
release revision numbers are not more than 4 bytes long and the
current CVS (where the revsion number is 7 bytes long, e.g
0.77cvs) now truncates.
*.pm: Synchronize version numbers. a more useful get_device routine.
2006-02-12 Sunday 09:36 Rocky Bernstein <>
* t/.gdb_history: Tolerate gdb debugging
2006-02-12 Sunday 09:32 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device.swg: Possibly a slightly better fix and slightly better
2006-02-12 Sunday 05:04 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device.swg: get_hw_info() change for Darwin. Don't know why, but
static's inside of routine was causing memory to get clobbered.
So moved it out.
in char ** returns we really need to check that we don't have
2006-02-11 Saturday 10:20 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/ Allow Perl
Build.PL - remove "-undefined suppress". Thanks to Steve Schultz
for cluing me into this.
2006-02-10 Friday 18:17 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, Changes, disc.swg, examples/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, t/10.cdda.t: disc.swg,,
10.cdda.t: Add get_mcn and regression test. Changes: Note what
we've got. Build.PL: make a guess at how darwin work.
2006-02-10 Friday 17:16 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, perlcdio.swg, read.swg,
types.swg, examples/, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, t/ Fix bug in being able to
return binary read data. Add cd-read program from libcdio.
2006-02-10 Friday 13:39 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile, cvs2cl_header, cvs2cl_usermap,
examples/, examples/, examples/,
examples/, examples/, examples/ Allow
example programs to get run outside of unpacked directory (if
Cdio is installed). Add ChangeLogs and code for making them.
2006-02-10 Friday 13:19 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device.swg, perlcdio.swg, types.swg: Move word size determination
from device.swg to types.swg. A better place for it.
perlcdio.swg: document more constants.
2006-02-10 Friday 13:07 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, device.swg: Another hack around word mismatch problem
to reduce SWIG warnings.
2006-02-10 Friday 12:37 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device.swg, examples/README: README: Add cautionary warnings
about inoperability. Reduce expectations. device.swg: hack for
word size. Sigh.
2006-02-10 Friday 11:48 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, device.swg, examples/ Fixes for cygwin test for error condition - no CD installed.
2006-02-10 Friday 03:55 Rocky Bernstein <>
* examples/ Work on device capabilities
2006-02-10 Friday 01:59 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, t/ Add read test.
2006-02-10 Friday 01:58 Rocky Bernstein <>
* perlcdio.swg, read.swg, types.swg, examples/,
lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/10.cdda.t:
First cut at getting read routines working. There may be a bug
in trying to return binary data. Just don't know how to do it in
Perl yet.
2006-02-09 Thursday 19:09 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, device_const.swg, examples/README, examples/,
examples/, examples/, examples/,
examples/, examples/, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/00.load.t,
t/01.pod-coverage.t, t/02.default.t, t/05.ops.t, t/06.bincue.t,
t/06.image.t, t/06.toc.t, t/10.cdda.t: Use the BEGIN { cd ... }
use lib; trick I learned on Perl Testing.
Add more sample programs from libcdio. doesn't work
2006-02-09 Thursday 16:46 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, Makefile, device.swg: Build.PL: Track %include
dependencies of main SWIG file.
device.swg: Use typedefs for clarity and to ensure typemap
operations operate only where they should.
2006-02-09 Thursday 09:25 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device_const.swg, perlcdio.swg: Documentation. device_const.swg:
filled in some ommitted FS's.
2006-02-09 Thursday 08:37 Rocky Bernstein <>
* device_const.swg, examples/ Bugs in audio example. FS_
for filesystems didn't get added.
2006-02-09 Thursday 07:53 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, META.yml, audio.swg, compat.swg, device.swg,
device_const.swg, disc.swg, perlcdio.swg, read.swg, track.swg,
types.swg, examples/, examples/,
examples/, examples/, lib/Device/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
2006-02-09 Thursday 07:43 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile, perlcdio.swg,
lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/ More documentation issues. Things to
make Build happy (which I suppose means things are more correct.)
2006-02-09 Thursday 06:21 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Build.PL, META.yml: Abstract got removed.
2006-02-09 Thursday 06:11 Rocky Bernstein <>
* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP: MANIFEST: store in the format Build
wants it. MANIFEST.SKIP: skip those tmp files.
2006-02-09 Thursday 06:07 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, Makefile, t/06.bincue.t: Makefile: C O M P A
T A B I L I T Y ! Build.PL: Nuke optimization. SWIG and gcc 4.0
and optimization don't play well.
2006-02-08 Wednesday 14:18 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Build.PL, MANIFEST.SKIP, configure: configure: run
perl Build .cvsignore vs. MANIFEST.SKIP - the plague of
originality Build.PL: test for SWIG
2006-02-08 Wednesday 13:42 Rocky Bernstein <>
* Build.PL, MANIFEST, META.yml, Makefile.PL, examples/,
lib/Device/ Build.PL: Fold in more configure-like checks
Makefile.PL: Arrange to call Module::Builder Add more
non-subroutine and general documentation search only
drives with CD-DA
2006-02-08 Wednesday 05:06 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Makefile.PL, Build.PL, Changes, MANIFEST, README,
COPYING, META.yml, audio.swg, compat.swg, device.swg,
device_const.swg, disc.swg, perlcdio.swg, read.swg, track.swg,
types.swg, lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/00.load.t,
t/01.pod.t, t/05.ops.t, t/06.toc.t, t/10.cdda.t, examples/README,
examples/, examples/, examples/,
examples/, t/01.pod-coverage.t, t/02.default.t,
t/06.bincue.t, t/06.image.t, data/cdda.bin, data/cdda.cue,
data/cdda.toc, data/isofs-m1.bin, data/isofs-m1.cue: Import Perl
libcdio interface
2006-02-08 Wednesday 05:06 Rocky Bernstein <>
* .cvsignore, Makefile.PL, Build.PL, Changes, MANIFEST, README,
COPYING, META.yml, audio.swg, compat.swg, device.swg,
device_const.swg, disc.swg, perlcdio.swg, read.swg, track.swg,
types.swg, lib/Device/, lib/Device/Cdio/,
lib/Device/Cdio/, lib/Device/Cdio/, t/00.load.t,
t/01.pod.t, t/05.ops.t, t/06.toc.t, t/10.cdda.t, examples/README,
examples/, examples/, examples/,
examples/, t/01.pod-coverage.t, t/02.default.t,
t/06.bincue.t, t/06.image.t, data/cdda.bin, data/cdda.cue,
data/cdda.toc, data/isofs-m1.bin, data/isofs-m1.cue: Initial
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