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Many thanks to Jerry G Geiger for resurrecting this project from the dead. He added:
- audio_get_status
- audio_get_volume
- audio_set_volume
- cdio_guess_cd_type
- cdio_read_pvd
- cdio_version (version string of linked library)
- get_cddb_discid
- get_disk_cdtext
- get_joliet_level
- get_track_cdtext
- get_track_isrc
- is_tray_open
- example/ to show CD characteristics
He also fixed Build.PL so it works again and added many corrections to
my faulty C interface code.;
Thanks to Martín Ferrari for making this available on Debian *and* for finding and fixing the bugs needed to do so.
Thanks to Debian- and Ubuntu-aware "downstream" folks Gregor Herrmann and Adam Conrad for cluing me into what's up there.