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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# Test functioning of read routines
use strict;
use warnings;
chdir 't' if -d 't';
use lib '../lib';
use blib;
use Device::Cdio::Device;
use Test::More tests => 6;
note "Test functioning of read routines";
use Cwd;
my $cuefile= Cwd::abs_path("../data/isofs-m1.cue");
my $device = Device::Cdio::Device->new(-source=>$cuefile);
# Read the ISO Primary Volume descriptor
my($data, $size, $drc) =
$device->read_sectors(16, $perlcdio::READ_MODE_M1F1);
ok(substr($data, 1, 5) eq 'CD001'
&& $perlcdio::M2RAW_SECTOR_SIZE == length($data),
"Mode 1 Format 1 reading");
ok(substr($data, 2328, 2) eq "\0\0", "Mode 1 Format 1 reading - null bytes");
my $data2 = $device->read_sectors(16, $perlcdio::READ_MODE_M1F1, 1);
ok($data2 eq $data, "Mode 1 reading with block parameter");
my $data3 = $device->read_data_blocks(16, 1);
ok($data2 eq $data, "Mode 1 reading matches data reading (block parameter)");
($data, $size, $drc) = $device->read_data_blocks(26);
ok(substr($data, 6, 26) eq 'GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE');
ok($size == $perlcdio::ISO_BLOCKSIZE);
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