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How to Install

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Install MELPA.

M-x package-refresh
M-x package-install realgud

From el-get

Install el-get. You may need autom4te which may need GNU m4, version 1.4 or greater. It has been reported that on OSX, an older version of m4 sometimes is installed.

M-x el-get-install realgud

From Source Code


  • Emacs, of course. Version 23 or newer. (I prefer Emacs 24). If you are using Emacs 23 or an early Emacs 24, make sure to have
  • cl-lib installed.
  • git
  • autoconf and autoreconf to build the configure script. Usually autoreconf comes with an autoconf package
  • GNU Make -- or, even better, remake.

The easy way via github...

If you are feeling lucky, you can try running the install script from the github repository:

    $ bash < <( curl )

This installs the sources into the default shared emacs libraries as determined by autoconf's configure script. As such you may need root or sudo permission to put files there. See Install-shell-script for more information about the script

If you want to change add options to configure such as changing where to install the emacs code, see the full instructions below.

The full instructions...

This package uses some other emacs packages which must be installed first. In particular:

Installing each is the same process. The following script will clone (or update if already existing locally) each repository and attempt to build and install the package to the default target location:

    for pkg in "${packages[@]}"; do
      if [ ! -d $pkg ]; then
        echo "installing '${pkg}'.."
        git clone${pkg}.git && cd $pkg
        echo "updating '${pkg}'.."
        cd $pkg && git pull
      [ $? != 0 ] && echo "error: git issues!" && exit 1
      sh ./
      [ $? != 0 ] && echo "error: configure issues!" && exit 1
      ./configure --prefix=$target
      make && make check && make install
      [ $? != 0 ] && echo "error: make issues" && exit 1
      cd - >/dev/null

As with the one-step approach above ./configure will install into the shared emacs libary, and that may require special permission such as being root or having sudo permission. To change this, you can supply the --prefix option to configure. See configure --help for help on how to influence the configure script.

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