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A couple more typos.

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commit 93e3d9b2aa645ce626ab8c3f0452f4be0379e491 1 parent 902299b
@rocky authored
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  1. +4 −3 load-relative.el
7 load-relative.el
@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@
;; having to "install" code.
;; The functions we add ssource out of the source relative versions of
-;; `load', and `require'. We also add a `__FILE__' and a `provide-me' macro.
+;; `load', and `require'. We also add `__FILE__' function and a
+;; `provide-me' macro.
;; The latest version of this code is at:
@@ -37,11 +38,11 @@
;; `__FILE__' returns the file name that that the calling program is
;; running. If you are `eval''ing a buffer then the file name of that
;; buffer is used. The name was selected to be analogous to the name
-;; used in C, Perl, and Ruby.
+;; used in C, Perl, Python, and Ruby.
;; `load-relative' loads an Emacs Lisp file relative to another
;; (presumably currently running) Emacs Lisp file. For example suppose
-;; you have Emacs Lips files "foo.el" and "bar.el" in the same
+;; you have Emacs Lisp files "foo.el" and "bar.el" in the same
;; directory. To load "bar.el" from inside Emacs lisp file "foo.el":
;; (require 'load-relative)
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