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Unit tests for GNU emacs that work interactively and in batch
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Build Status

test-simple.el is :

  • Simple -- no need for context macros, enclosing specifications, or required test tags. But if you want, you still can add custom assert failure messages or add notes before a group of tests.
  • Accomodates both interactive and non-interactive use:
    • For interactive use one can use eval-last-sexp, eval-region, and eval-buffer
    • For non-interactive use run as: emacs --batch --no-site-file --no-splash --load <test-lisp-code.el>

I use this in my Debugger front end.

Here is an example found in the examples directory.

In file gcd.el:

(defun gcd(a b)
  "Greatest Common Divisor of A and B"
  ;; Make a < b
  (if (> a b)
      (let ((c a))
    (setq a b)
    (setq b c)))
   ((< a 0) nil)
   ((or (= 0 (- b a)) (= a 1)) a)
   (t (gcd (- b a) a))

In file test-gcd.el in the same directory:

(require 'test-simple)
(test-simple-start) ;; Zero counters and start the stop watch.

;; Use (load-file) below because we want to always to read the source.
;; Also, we don't want no stinking compiled source.
(assert-t (load-file "./gcd.el")
      "Can't load gcd.el - are you in the right directory?" )

(note "degenerate cases")

(assert-nil (gcd 5 -1) "using positive numbers")
(assert-nil (gcd -4 1) "using positive numbers, switched order")
(assert-raises error (gcd "a" 32)
           "Passing a string value should raise an error")

(note "GCD computations")
(assert-equal 1 (gcd 3 5) "gcd(3,5)")
(assert-equal 8 (gcd 8 32) "gcd(8,32)")

(end-tests) ;; Stop the clock and print a summary

Edit (with Emacs of course) test-gcd.el and run M-x eval-current-buffer

You should see in buffer *test-simple*:

0 failures in 6 assertions (0.002646 seconds)

Now let's try from a command line:

$ emacs --batch --no-site-file --no-splash --load test-gcd.el
Loading /src/external-vcs/emacs-test-simple/example/gcd.el (source)...
0 failures in 6 assertions (0.000723 seconds)

Author: Rocky Bernstein

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