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A locally-run HTML5 web interface for experimenting with Go code.

This started out as a merge between, Go's present package and $GOROOT/misc/play


Basically since this runs on your computer you control any restrictions on what can be done. Specifically:

  • You can use with locally-installed go packages.
  • You can set build, test, and run options; set runtime-environment variables
  • No Internet access is needed
  • Data can be totally private
  • You can run long computations
  • The date and time are those set on the server

Installing and Running

To run download from git:

    git clone

Running is pretty easy:

  $ cd go-play/goplay
  $ go run goplay.go

or if you want to build the binary first:

  $ cd go-play/goplay
  $ go build goplay.go
  $ ./goplay

Now in an HTML5-compliant web browser, load http://localhost:3998/

You should see the standard "Hello World" program, which you can compile and run by pressing shift-enter.


There are some rudimentary command options:

  • --help gives a list of all options
  • --http host:port gives host and port to listen on.

The default HTTP host and port is is


Anyone with access to the goplay web interface can run arbitrary code on your computer. Goplay is not a sandbox, and has no other security mechanisms. Do not deploy it in untrusted environments. By default, goplay listens only on localhost. This can be overridden with the -http parameter.