Event Icons

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When trepan enters, it reports where you are, same as ruby-debug. However different is the addition of a two-character event icon:

In ruby-debug:

$ rdebug test.rb
/tmp/test.rb:1   # This is a ruby-debug location line
x = 'first line of program'

In trepan:

$ trepan test.rb
-- (/tmp/test.rb:1) # This is a trepan location line
^^ two-character icon here
x = 'first line of program'

Above ‘--’ indicates we are at a line event. Here is a list of all of the icons and what they mean:

icon event name
xx brkpt
C> c-call
<C c-return
-> call
:: class
[] coverage
:o debugger-call
-- line
!! raise
<- return
sw switch
$V trace-var
?! unknown
VM vm
.. vm-insn

And -| is an “end” event.