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So what makes this debugger so special?

  • nested debugging
  • ability to skip over statements
  • ability to modify function return values (often)
  • ability to detect (sometimes) a non-local exception that is about to raised before it is raised so you have access to the full call stack.
  • display of the current VM PC and VM stack values
  • support for fast debugger breakpoints, "step over" and "step out"
  • More accurate location information
  • access to C parameters in a C call
  • memory addresses of C functions (useful in conjunction with gdb)
  • seeing and changing event filters dynamically
  • context sensitive debugger command completion
  • extensive online help formatted via markdown/redcloth so it
  • adjusts to your terminal width and has nice formatting syntax highlighting
  • stepping granularity control
  • smart eval
  • ability to go into irb from inside the debugger
  • compatibility with gdb commands.
  • out-of-process and out-of server debugger control
  • disassembly of VM instructions
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