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How to install rb trepanning

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How to install rb-trepanning

Check out the Patches to Ruby 2.x and 1.9 to support beautiful debugging project to see if there is already a package made for your OS.

Install from RVM

Many people use rvm to allow multiple versions of Ruby and gems to coexist.

If you have rvm installed and want to try several steps in one shot, then run:

$ bash <<( curl '')
$ rvm use ruby-2.1.5-debugger
$ gem install trepanning

Install from tarball

Look at the Ruby Debugger Runtime Project's Files section and download a tarball. Let's say you chose ruby-2.1.5-p273-debugger-1.2.tar.gz:

$ tar -xzpf ruby-2.1.5-p273-debugger-1.2.tar.gz
$ cd ruby-2.1.5-p273-debugger-1.2
$ ./configure && make
$ sudo make install-nodoc  # installs under ruby215d, gem215d...
$ gem215d install trepanning

For Ruby 1.9.3 you need to specify a version number in the 1.93 range. For example:

   $ tar -xzpf ruby-1.9.3-p551-debugger-1.2.tar.gz
$ cd ruby-1.9.3-p551-debugger-1.2
$ ./configure && make
$ sudo make install-nodoc  # installs under ruby193d, gem193d...
$ gem193d install trepanning --version 1.93.32
#                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

By default binaries have a suffix added so they don't conflict with the non-enhanced versions. Specifically, for Ruby 2.1.5 we add suffix 215d and for Ruby 1.9.3 we add suffix 193d to the following binaries:

  • gem (gem215d, gem193d)
  • ruby (ruby215d, ruby193d)
  • irb (irb215d, irb193d)
  • rake (rake215d, rake193d)
  • ri (ri215d, ri193d)

If you don't want the suffix, run configure with the --program-prefix=''. For example:

./configure --program-prefix=''

Try it!

$ trepan irb
-- (/usr/local/bin/irb:9)
require “irb” (trepan): # try: “help” or “quit” or EOF to leave
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