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Rails 3

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I tried to use trepan with Rails 3. Here’s what I had to do. Use mongrel.

Using Webrick does’t work because Webrick sets up several threads and I haven’t added thread locking into the debugger. So when the debugger is stopped Webrick switches to another thread.

For unicorn, you may need to set the timeout to a large number so it doesn’t kill rails while you are sitting inside the debugger thinking.

I needed to add this to $RAILS_ROOT/Gem:

 gem 'rb-treppaning'
 gem 'columnize'  

I don’t understand why columnize but not the other gems that trepan uses like trace.

Add to environments/development.rb:

 $trepan = => true)

Now when you want stop, add to the source $trepan.debugger.

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