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Summary trepanx

The trepanning debugger gdb-like debugger. As such, it is both a high-level and low-level debugger. It is a also a rewrite of ruby-debug.


   gem install rbx-trepanning

If you want to run from git:

   $ git clone https://github.com/rocky/rbx-trepanning.git
   $ cd rbx-trepanning
   $ bundle install      # load dependent packages
   $ rake test           # test it
   $ rake install        # install it

should get you going.


To run initially:

  $ trepanx my-ruby-program.rb

Or to call from inside your code:

  require 'trepanning'
  debugger # Don't stop here...
  work # but stop here.

If you want an immediate stop:


Finally, if you put in your .trepanx

    Rubinius::Loader.debugger = proc {
      require 'trepanning';
      Trepan.start(:skip_loader => :Xdebug)

Then you can use the -Xdebug option the Ruby, e.g.

  rbx -Xdebug my-ruby-program.rb

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