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remake+ddd, can't see anything in ddd's source window #6

Gurce opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi there,

I've installed remake 3.82+dbg0.9 and ddd 3.3.12.

I've followed the steps on this page:

All the steps report back as expected ("--make invokes remake", running "remake --debugger -f" works fine from the console).

However, when it comes to the last step, "ddd --make Makefile", it runs ddd successfully, the bottom pane shows the remake console output, but the top pane (which ought to show the source) remains empty.

I can type remake commands just fine from the console (list, info, n, etc), but no source ever seems to get displayed in the top pane.

I'm running on opensuse12.3 linux (32-bit).


Additional observations:

  • I notice that the mouse-pointer has turned into an hour-glass when moved over the ddd window

  • The 'Command Tool' window in the top-right doesn't appear (containing the run/interrupt/step/etc buttons), neither does the tip-of-the-day window

  • In ddd's console window, if I type exit, prior to ddd closing, it shows a popup dialog reporting "GNU Make could not be started."


This is a ddd problem, not a remake problem.

DDD has been a virtual ghost for decades because no one wanted to maintain it, including the author. The fact that you are more likely to get an answer here doesn't change the fact that changes need to be made on the ddd side and there is no one willing to do it.

(There's a story about a guy who is looking under a street lamp for his keys. When asked where he lost them, he says down the street a couple of blocks. So why is he looking here? Well, because the light is better. Same thing applies here.)

It's possible that if you go back to the version of remake what was available when 3.12 came out, things might work. It worked at one point in time.

@rocky rocky closed this

Fair enough, atleast getting the reason now might help the next person googling around on this topic, as my google searches didn't pick up any info relating to this not working with the latest ddd.

As for being a guy looking for his keys, personally, it wasn't a biased-choice of light source, but more a methodical, "try this street lamp, as it's the one I'm presently at. If not at this one, try the next street lamp".

Ok, no probs, you've ruled out this street lamp :)


Just for the benefit of anyone that googles this thread, I'm following up on this topic in the gnu ddd bug-tracker here:

I'm making some progress debugging the issue, but not quite there yet, still have to figure out why the top-pane isn't showing source.

One problem resolved was ddd not finding remake's "remake<...>" prompt, it was presently looking for a "mdb<...>"-style prompt which perhaps older versions of remake used.

Ok, if I can just figure out the source-pane, I'll be a happy chappy, maybe next weekend... :)

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