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Debugger for zsh (at least 4.3.6-dev-2)

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Build Status


This is a port and cleanup of my bash debugger bashdb.

The command syntax generally follows that of the GNU debugger gdb.

However this debugger depends on a number of bug fixes and of debugging support features that are neither part of the POSIX 1003.1 standard and are not in current "stable" zsh releases. In particular, the "functrace" function should always report filenames and absolute line numbers. Also both "functrace" and "funcstack" should include source'd files in their arrays.


To get the code, install git and run in a zsh shell:

    git-clone git://
    cd zshdb
    ./  # Add configure options. See ./configure --help

If you've got a suitable zsh installed, then

    make && make test

To try on a real program such as perhaps /etc/zsh/zshrc:

    ./zshdb /etc/zsh/zshrc # substitute .../zshrc with your favorite zsh script

To modify source code to call the debugger inside the program:

    source path-to-zshdb/zshdb/
    # work, work, work.

    # start debugging here

Above, the directory path-to_zshdb should be replaced with the directory that is located in. This can also be from the source code directory zshdb or from the directory gets installed directory. The "source" command needs to be done only once somewhere in the code prior to using _Dbg_debugger.

If you are happy and make test above worked, install via:

    sudo make install

and uninstall with:

    sudo make uninstall # ;-)

See INSTALL for generic configure installation instructions.

What's here, What's not, and Why not?

What's missing falls into two categories:

  • Stuff that can be ported in a straightforward way from bashdb
  • Stuff that needs additional zsh support

Of the things which can be ported in a straight-forward way, however some of them I want to revise and simplify. In some cases, the fact that zsh has associative arrays simplifies code. On other cases, the code I wrote needs refactoring and better modularization.

Writing documentation is important, but an extensive guide will have to wait. For now one can consult the reference guide that comes with bashdb: There is some minimal help to get a list of commands and some help for each.

What's not here in more detail

Showing frame arguments

This can be done with or without support from zsh, albeit faster with help from zsh. Changing scope when changing frames however has to be done with zsh support.

Setting $0

other stuff including...

  • signal handling,
  • debugger commands:

    • debug
    • file
    • handle
    • history
    • pwd
    • signal
    • tty
    • watch

    None of this is rocket science. Should be pretty straight-forward to add.

What may need more work and support from zsh

Stopping points that can be used for breakpoint


Rocky Bernstein

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