Terminal Colors

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An often-requested feature is to be able to display code with syntax highlighting.

If you have pygments , zshdb can be instructed to highlight syntax in a window that supports ANSI terminal commands.

Here is how to use.

First, make sure the pygments is installed:

Next, tell the debugger to use syntax highlighting. Do one of these two things:

  • add —highlight as a zshdb flag:
  • or use the debugger “set highlight” command:
zshdb<1> set highlight on
  highlight is on.

Getting ANSI terminal colors in GNU Emacs 23 requires its own customization. Here is what I have inside my .emacs startup profile

  ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom. ...
 '(ansi-color-names-vector ["black" "red" "DarkOliveGreen4" "CadetBlue" "blue" "Purple" "DarkGoldenrod" "ivory4"])
 '(ansi-term-color-vector [unspecified "black" "red" "DarkOliveGreen4" "CadetBlue" "blue" "Purple" "DarkGoldenrod" "ivory4"])

Here is what my terminal colors for a shell program looks like: