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couchy is a CouchDB wrapper for node and CoffeeScript. couchy tries to have a minimal, but developer-friendly API. I plan to make possible everything you can do with CouchDB, and add some helpers that I find useful.

Connect to Database

db = require('couchy')('mydb')

Setup and Destroy

db.create([callback(err, db)])

db.create (err, db) ->
  console.log 'created mydb'

db.destroy([callback(error, response, body])

db.destroy (err) ->
  console.log 'destroyed mydb'


The query method has a flexible invocation. All arguments after method are optional, but any of them can be included, so long as they remain in order. Instead of having to do something like this, db.query 'head', '', {}, ->, you can simplify your call to db.query 'head', ->.

db.query(method:string, [path:string], [data:object], [callback(error, response, body)])

db.query 'get', 'someid', (err, res, body) ->
  console.log body

db.query 'post', 'someid', {foo: bar}, (err, res, body) ->
  console.log body


db.view(path:string, [callback(error, response, body)])

db.view 'myapp/things', (err, res, body) ->
  res.forEach (thing) ->
    console.log thing

db.view(path:string, options:object, [callback(error, response, body)])

db.view 'myapp/thingsByName', {key: 'Foo', limit: 3}, (err, res, body) ->
  res.forEach (thing) ->
    console.log thing

To post with keys, use this syntax:

db.view(path:string, options:array, [callback(error, response, body)])

db.view 'myapp/thingsByName', ['myThing'], (err, res, body) ->
  res.forEach (thing) ->
    console.log thing


This is mainly for creating test data. It takes a doc_callback that should return a document.

db.seed(doc_callback, [callback(error, docs, body)])

db.seed ->
  type: 'thing', name: 'Foo', bar: 'Bar', string: @string(), number: @number()

This works for creating a document in the database. What if I need a bunch?

db.seed([times], doc_callback, [callback(error, docs, body)])

db.seed 10, ->
  type: 'thing', name: 'Foo', string: @string(15), number: @number(144, 2), thing: @pick(['this', 'that'])

Seeding Helpers

  • number(max = 100, precision = 0) -- creates a random number and rounds to a precision
  • string(length = 10) -- creates a random string using charcodes 65-122 (A-z)
  • pick(choices) -- picks randomly from an array

CouchApp -- sort of

myapp ='myapp')

myapp.views.thingsByName = 
  map: (doc) ->
    if doc.type == "thing"
      emit(, doc)


Alternatively, if you want to be able to update your app:'myapp').pull (err, app) ->
  app.views.notThingsByName =
    map: (doc) ->
      if doc.type == "notThings"
        emit(, doc)


Module Exports

The couchy module exports a function that can be used to create a Database connection. It also exports these (perhaps for type checking?):

  • couchy.Database
  • couchy.App
  • couchy.Seed
  • couchy.CouchyError
  • couchy.RequestError