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isocalendar support for moment
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This plugin provides a Python-like isocalendar method to moment objects.

How to use?

Simply call the isocalendar method on any moment object. It returns an array of four items: year, week_of_year, day_of_week, minutes_since_midnight.

moment(new Date(2011, 11, 23, 14, 30)).isocalendar();
// [2011, 51, 5, 870]

Additionally, there is a function that provides the inverse functionality, it takes an isocalendar array and returns a moment object.

moment.fromIsocalendar([2011, 51, 5, 870]).format('LLLL');
// "Friday, December 23 2011 2:30 PM"

How to test?

Make sure you have all the dependencies and run make test. If you want to test in the browser, visit the test/test.html file.

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