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a distributed hash in a cluster in akka

How it works:

1- start the first node of the cluster (on port 2551): sbt "run 2551"

2- check the hash on the fist node through an http GET request: curl http://localhost:8551 (you'll see nothing; the hash is empty)

3- put elements into the hash through an http PUT request: curl -X PUT http://localhost:8551 --data "hello=123&world=456" (this will insert some more data in that node's hash)

4- check the hash again now: curl http://localhost:8551

5- start the second node of the cluster (on port 2552): sbt "run 2552"

6- check that the hash has been copied to the second (actually to all) node(s) of the cluster:

curl http://localhost:8552/hello

curl http://localhost:8552/world

or simply

curl http://localhost:8552


*** http deletes (Eg: " curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8551 --data 'hello' ") are supported

*** try now to delete something from one of the nodes and check that it's been deleted in the other nodes

//TODO: syncronize maps every second ???

//TODO: ...