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A R Software GUI in Electron JS


You can add conditions to an element to create complex logic like: show an element based on the state of the other elements in the dialog.

A condition can be splited in two parts: the left and the right part of the if statement. We have: do method if condidions are meet. For eg.: check if checkbox2 == checked & (radio1 == selected | radio3 == selected | radio2 != selected);

On the left side of if an operand must be: method or setValue == value On the right side of if an operand must be: element name operand (==, !=, >=, <=) element's property or value

All conditions must end with a semicolumn (;)

Condition properties and methods

Properties available: selected, checked, visible, enabled, value. Methods available: show, hide, check, uncheck, select, deselect, setValue, enable, disable.

Condition operators

Logical operators: &, |

  1. & (and) for condition1 & condition2 - when both of the conditions are true
  2. | (pipe / or) for condition1 | condition2 - when one of the conditions is true

Comparison operators: ==, !=, >=, <=

  1. == (equal) radio1 == selected - radio1 must be selected
  2. != (not equal) checkbox1 != checked - checkbox1 must not be checked
  3. = (greater or equal than) input1 >= 5 - input1's value is greater or equal than 5

  4. <= (less or equal than) input1 <= 5 - input1's value is less or equal than 5

Condition writing example

Example 1

Let's say we have two elements: a checkbox (checkbox1) and a separator (separator1). If we want to make the separator visible only when the checkbox is checked, we can write a condition for the separator like this: show if checkbox1 == checked;. Of course we can write the condition also like this: ** show == true if checkbox1 == checked; **, but the == true part is going to be ignored.

Example 2

We have four elements: input1, checkbox1, radio1, radio2 and the condition: setValue = 'text' if checkbox1 != checked & (radio1 == selected | radio2 == selected); for the input1 element. Here we are assigning the value of "text" to input1 only if checkbox1 is not checked and one of the radio1 or radio2 is selected.


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