Simple Todo List Application for Google App Engine unsing HTML5 Web Storage for offline editing.
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Instant List

This Google App Engine application demonstrates the usage of gaesynkit and the Client Storage API.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2011 Tobias Rodaebel

This software is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Google App Engine is a trademark of Google Inc.

Online Demo

In order to try an online demo, access the following URL with an HTML5 Web Storage capable browser like Google Chrome or Safari:


The GAE SDK will be installed by zc.buildout. See the buildout.cfg file.

Buildout needs Python and the tools contained in /bin and /usr/bin of a standard installation of the Linux operating environment. You should ensure that these directories are on your PATH and following programs can be found:

  • Python 2.5.2+ (3.x is not supported!)
  • gaesynkit (will be automatically installed when using zc.buildout)

Building and Running the Application

Get the sources:

$ git clone

Build and run the application:

$ cd instantlist
$ python --distribute
$ ./bin/buildout
$ ./bin/dev_appserver parts/instantlist

Then access the application using a web browser with the following URL:


Uploading and Managing

To upload application files, run:

$ ./bin/appcfg update parts/instantlist

For a more detailed documentation follow this url: