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Visual web crawler built with Node, Express, and Axios
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Web API for OSU CS 467 Web Crawler Visualization group project. My primary responsibility was the webcrawler itself and the back-end API.

Live Demo:
App (ASP.NET Core 2) Repo:

This web crawler was built with ASP.NET Core 2, Node, and Express. To use it, simply visit the URL. To request a web crawl, the following parameters should be provided:

Start URL: URL of page to start crawl on (e.g. or

Keyword: A string keyword to scan for. If found, crawl will immediately return and report its location

Crawl Method: Depth-First (result is a chain) or Breadth-First (result is a sprawling tree).

Limit: If DF this is number of max number of links in the chain, if BF this is the max depth of the tree.

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