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Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning
-UX-UI, HCI, Apps, Ruby, Git, Front-End, Ebooks, etcétera..
+You might call me a Front-End, UX, or Interaction designer.
-Me gusta dibujar, leer y ver la tele, especialmente las series divertidas y los documentales sobre la vida de los personajes importantes de la historia.
-Me gusta trabajar — quizás por que me gusta mi trabajo — pero hay días que lo único que quiero es estar tranquilo mirando mis revistas, haciendo garabatos desinteresados, con mis músicas y apuntes desordenados…
+My main mission is to deliver optimal user experience through metaphors and intuitive behaviors. I bridge together the users and the Back-End. I live and breathe interaction. I design icons, draw out paper prototypes, and program in Ruby for fun. I build prototypes just for the buzz of seeing people react to using them. I love reading Gladwell, and watching Johnathan Ive and Dieter Rams unearthing the close relationship between manufactured objects and their creators. I am dedicated to writing ever better and more clearly marked-up, more readable HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code. I realise the impossibility of the notion of perfect code, but I strive for it anyway. I'm a fan of jQuery, Agile and Scrum. Github completely transformed my way of working. I'm at ease working with other developers, clients, marketing, and with other departments. I love the stimulation my work provides for both sides of my mind. I really love my work !!

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