A repository of macOS .mobileconfig profiles for a myriad of system and user preferences
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A repository of macOS .mobileconfig Profiles for a myriad of system and user preferences


(i.e. WorkGroupMgr we don't like you, be gone)

Profile Command line management

Use /usr/bin/profiles

-P see all profiles aggregated
-L see only user profiles
-D removes all profiles
-I installs profiles
-R removes profiles
-s install at the next boot -p to manage profiles from Profile Manager or pushed with Munki.

Convert ProfileManager Profile to Proper XML

Clean up a Profile downloaded from ProfileManager from a single line to proper xml plist format

plutil -convert binary1 /path/to/Profile.mobileconfig 
plutil -convert xml1 /path/to/Profile.mobileconfig 

Validate a plist or mobile config

Checks all the opening and closing dict, arrays, etc and other formatting errors in plists.

plutil -lint /path/to/Profile.plist


In my struggles to understand and deploy profiles in the past few months led me to create a master template that is clear to understand and reproducible for many different system and application settings.

Containing commentary on each section this is a great way for first timers in the world of management profiles.

The MasterProfileTemplate.mobileconfig can be deployed as is by simply replacing the indicated relevant areas to what your profile is to accomplish. Save it as a .mobileconfig and deploy it. Keep the comments in place if you’d like, it works perfectly fine with them included in my testing.

This is a manual process than the very intelligently created MCXtoProfile, which is what you’ll likely need if targeting MCX settings for your .mobileconfig. This master template can be works well for .plists you have access to read and copy the keys on your environment.