Add Vim like pane management to Vintageous using SublimeText/Origami

Vintageous Origami

Origami is an awesome Sublime Text plugin that lets you conveniently configure your panel layout using shortcut keys.

Vintageous Origami adds pane management shortcut using Origami functionality similar to Vim's window managment. It tries to match as best as possible Vim behaviour. Origami's shortcuts are also available through the familiar Vim ctrl+w shortcut.


  • These bindings are only available in command mode (not insert mode).

To use this with Vintageous, first press ctrl+w, then press one of following key

  • v ctrl+v: Vertical split
  • s S ctrl+s: Horizontal split
  • c: Close pane
  • n ctrl+n: New horizontal split with empty file
  • o ctrl+o: Make current pane the only one
  • l, <right>: Move to right pane
  • h, <left>: Move to left pane
  • k, <up>: Move to up pane
  • j, <down>: Move to down pane
  • L: Exchange with right pane
  • H: Exchange with left pane
  • K: Exchange with up pane
  • J: Exchange with down pane

Also adds custom bindings:

  • x: Close window
  • X: Close all windows

The following Origami bindings are still available after pressing ctrl+w.

  • no modifiers: travel to an adjacent pane

The following Origami bindings will not work.

  • shift: carry the current file to the destination
  • alt(option): clone the current file to the destination
  • super: create an adjacent pane
  • super+shift: destroy an adjacent pane

(Note: Windows and Linux use ctrl instead of super.)


The following basic commands are implemented:

  • :vs[plit]: Vertical split
  • :sp[lit]: Horizontal split
  • :new: Horizontal split with new file
  • :vne[w]: Vertical split with new file
  • :on[ly]: Make current pane the only one


Make sure you have Origami installed already:

Make sure you have Vintageous installed already:

Enable Vintageous to use ctrl keys in your preferences

`"vintageous_use_ctrl_keys": true`

This plugin is available through Package Control.

Manual Install

First make sure Origami is already installed:

Go to your Packages subdirectory under ST3's data directory:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3
  • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-3
  • Portable Installation: Sublime Text 3/Data

Then clone this repository:

git clone


  • Add support for arguments to :sp :vs :new :vnew

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