@roddhjav roddhjav released this Dec 10, 2017 · 20 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • Add --force option, force operation (i.e. even if swap is active).


@roddhjav roddhjav released this May 18, 2017 · 33 commits to master since this release

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This is the first stable release.

This release is signed using my GPG key 06A26D531D56C42D66805049C5469996F0DF68EC

New features

  • New -t option to automatically close the password store using a systemd timer.
  • New -p option to create & open the password tomb in a subfolder of the password store.
  • New -n option to create a password tomb but do not initialize the password store.

Code Quality

  • The test suite has been changed from an handmade one to the sharness test suite.
  • Added code coverage using kcov.
  • The new test suite and code coverage are at the origin of a lot of debugging.


  • pass 1.7 or greater.
  • tomb 2.4 or greater. tomb 2.4 contains a major new feature used by pass-tomb: asymmetric GPG key support. It allows pass-tomb to protect the tomb using the same GPG key than in the password store.
  • The timer feature requires systemd.

@roddhjav roddhjav released this Apr 14, 2017 · 72 commits to master since this release

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  • Added --no-init or -n option. With this option, pass-tomb create a tomb but do not initialise the password store.
  • Added a quiet mode using -q
  • Various spelling corrections and code improvement.


pass-tomb 0.5 still requires tomb to be installed from the master branch:

git clone https://github.com/dyne/Tomb.git
cd Tomb
sudo make install

@roddhjav roddhjav released this Mar 1, 2017 · 84 commits to master since this release

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  • Add support for password tomb named with extension. See #2
  • Update the way to set ownership when mounting a tomb. See #1
  • Support for the last version of tomb option using GPG key.

@roddhjav roddhjav released this Feb 21, 2017 · 89 commits to master since this release

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Update Gitlab CI with tomb repo