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Open Terminal Here
Open Terminal Here.rake
Open in GitX.applescript
Open in GitX.icns
Open in SubEthaEdit.applescript
Open in SubEthaEdit.icns
Open in TextMate.applescript
Open in TextMate.icns
Open in Xcode.applescript
Open in Xcode.icns
Zsh glob select.applescript
Zsh glob select.icns


Finder Toolbar Items

A collection of scripts & icons for toolbar items (droplets & applets) and a Rakefile to produce the corresponding .app's.


There are two ways to use this:

  1. The I-Just-Want-To-Use-This way

    • download a pre-built archive from the project's Github Downloads page
    • unpack it to somewhere you feel comfortable with
    • drag & drop the files into your Finder's toolbar
  2. The DIY way

    • clone the repository

    • cd to resulting directory & maybe modify the icons or scripts

    • run rake - this will result in all the toolbar items being built into a folder specified in the Rakefile

      You can also run rake "toolbar item name" to just get a specific item.

      Change the DROPLET_DIR constant in the Rakefile to have the resulting items be built into a directory of your choosing. The path is relative, i.e. using ../toolbar-items is possible.

Description of Items

Open in GitX

Click on it, to open the directory of the current Finder window in GitX.

Open in iTerm

Click it to open the directory of the currently selected file in an iTerm tab. If the selection is a directory, it will open the directory. If there is no selection, it will open the directory of the current Finder window.

Drop a directory on it have it open in an iTerm Tab.

Open in {SubEthaEdit,TextMate}

Click to open current Finder selection in your favourite editor. If there is no selection, uses the directory of the current Finder window.

Also opens items dropped on it.

Open in Xcode

Tired of looking for the *.xcodeproj file in a directory to open the project? Just click on the little item, and it will automatically open it for you.

If you have selected a folder, it will cd into it, and look there. Works with multiple selections.

Also works with dropped items.

TODO: If a file is selected, don't just ignore it. Instead, look for a .xcodeproj in its containing directory.

Open Terminal Here

Quoting from the projects ReadMe:

Clicking it opens a new Terminal window and changes directory to the location of the selected file/folder. Drag and dropping items on the icon opens one Terminal window per item.

Holding down the ⌘ key opens tabs instead of windows.

Holding down the ⌥ key changes directory in the front-most Terminal window instead of opening a new one. When the frontmost window is busy it opens a new window/tab (depending on the state of the ⌘ key)

Shows how to use modifier keys in scripts. If someone knows of an easier way, please let me know.

Zsh glob select

Click on the toolbar item to get a window where you can enter a globbing-string (as in *.h). On Enter the script will select all files matching the glob in the current Finder window.

Modified version of the lselect script. This will use Zsh to evaluate the globbing-string, for more information see Be careful with strings that will match files in subdirectories (e.g. **/build(/)), as the script will open the window necessary to see the match.

Odds and Ends

There is a _droplet.png file in the repository you can use to create your own droplet icons.

If someone has a higher-resolution of that image, please let me know.

If there is no matching _name_.icns for a _name_.applescript, the Rakefile will leave the default icon in place.

Credits & Contributors

& probably a lot more people who helped, or whose code I found on the Internet. Thank you all!

In case I missed someone who wants to be mentioned, just contact me, and it will be done. If you don't want to see your name / code here, let me know and it will be removed.