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On Lion, in-app purchase receipts are stored inside the MASReceipt/receipt file, in a separate section.
Is it possible to include support for them in this (excellent) library?

Thank you!


roddi commented Nov 24, 2011

Yes, that would be nice! I'll gladly accept pull requests.

I created a patch for it :)
Please review it, and please look at the commit log too, as it contains important information about the patch:

This patch includes support for InApp Purchases data on OSX 10.7 Lion, while not breaking compatibility with 10.6.
The patch is limited to extract data from InApp Receipts: it DOES NOT perform any validation on it! We shall discuss a way to validate InApp Purchases (following the steps recommended by Apple) this with original developers too.
The patch has been tested, though not intensively. It surely needs more testing, and it needs to be tested with multiple items purchased (currently I tested it only with 1 item purchased) and with big quantities.

I think I did the biggest part of the job, now it's just a matter of deciding how users should pass info to validate extracted data.

I added a new commit, fixing some issues. Please take a look at the commit log:

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Tested (and fixed) with multiple purchases. You can now purchase
    multiple items and they will be extracted.
  • Added a function to return the list of purchased items. This can be
    used by users to validate purchased items.

I think the patch is now much better, and much more stable.
In App Purchases support is ready.


roddi commented Dec 5, 2011

Many many thanks for all the patches! Please give me a couple of days to look at them, I'm kind of busy and Christmas is coming fast.

But I will look at this, promise!

Thank you.
If you need any help/explanation, feel free to ask me.

Any news on this?

(still waiting :) )

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