M4L patch for controlling the ICST Ambisonics codec running in an external Max patch
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amb4live demonstrates how to use Max4Live to automate the parameters to the ICST Max/MSP Ambisonics implementation (icst.net/research/downloads/ambisonics-externals-for-maxmsp) for individual tracks in an Ableton Live set.  

The project consists of four files: 
    1) the Max4Live patch (ambisonic.amxd), which contains the Live GUI objects, the JS object, and the OSC object used for transmitting the automation parameters to the external Max/MSP "monitor" patch (see 3 below) 
    2) the javascript file (source.js) used by the JS object within the Max4Live patch to manage the state of the patch, interface with the LiveAPI object, and generate the Ambisonics automation parameters
    3) an example external Max/MSP "monitor" patch, which receives the Ext. Out audio track signals from Live, individually encodes them using the Ambisonics encoder (which is parameterized by the automation data received over OSC from the Max4Live patch), and then decodes them according to the speaker arrangement specified by the Ambisonics monitor object (ambimonitor)
    4) a config file for the Jack audio router (jackaudio.org)--Jack is used to connect the Live audio outs to the Max inputs and the Max outputs to the sound card