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gpvdm - Simulate Organic Solar Cells and Inorganic solar cells

Gpvdm is a tool to simulate thin film optoelectronic devices including, organic solar cells, perovskite solar cells, thin film light emitting diodes and transistors. The model contains 1/2D electrical and an optical solvers, enabling both current/voltage characteristics to be simulated as well as the optical properties of a device. The model and it's easy to use graphical interface is available for both Linux and Windows, x86 and ARM. The model can simulate:

  • Steady state measurements such as JV curves, and Suns-Voc
  • Transient measurements such as CELIV, Transient photo current measurements and Transient photocurrent measurements.
  • Full optical model taking into account reflection at interfaces and absorption.
  • Calculation of reflection profile
  • Fitting to experimental data

The physical model solves both electron and hole drift-diffusion, and carrier continuity equations in position space to describe the movement of charge within the device. The model also solves Poisson's equation to calculate the internal electrostatic potential. Recombination and carrier trapping are described within the model using a Shockley-Read-Hall (SRH) formalism, the distribution of trap sates can be arbitrarily defined. A fuller description of the model can be found in the at, in the associated publications and in the manual.

The model makes it easy to study the influence of material parameters such as mobility, energetic disorder, doping and recombination cross-sections on device performance. All internal device parameters such as current density, charge density, distribution of trapped carriers in position and energy space are accessible either through the graphical interface or directly through output files.

Installing/building gpvdm

1 Windows

I would recommend downloading the binary from the gpvdm web page. Double click on the installer and follow the instructions. I always keep the windows exe up-to date and on the latest stable release.

2 Linux

Download the gpvdm by issuing the command

git clone

Find your operating system in


This script should install all the packages you need to run/compile gpvdm for a given OS. I don't always keep them up to date, so if you have a new version of an OS and the packages have been renamed you may have to hunt around.

Then run:


Then select, (compile), and (auto). Then hit return to build.

Help using gpvdm

I'm very happy to provide help in using gpvdm, or if you wold prefer I am equally happy to collaborate and model your data for you. See the contact page.

More information

More information can be found on the home page


gpvdm comes in three parts with different licenses:

  • gpvdm_core: This is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license.
  • gpvdm_gui: This is licensed under a GPLv2 license.
  • gpvdm_build_system: This is also licensed under a BSD 3-clause license
  • gpvdm_data: Creative Commons BY-CC. See the individual license files for details.






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