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A lexer building language for scheme, based on McLexer by Matt Might
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A lexer building language for scheme. It's a little lame, since it can't lex from streams. Probably will change this a bunch later.

Based on McLexer, by Matt Might

Example usage:

;;; Tokens are pairs, the car being either 'NUM or 'ID, and the cdr being a string value.
(define *tokens* (make-cell (list)))

(define (add-token type value)
  (cell-set! *tokens* (cons (cons type value) (cell-ref *tokens*))))

(define-bloxer (INIT)
 (INIT (+ (or (/ "AZaz") "_")) (match state) ((add-token 'ID match)) => INIT)
 (INIT (+ (/ "09")) (match state) ((add-token 'NUM match)) => INIT)
 (INIT (+ whitespace) => INIT)
 (INIT eos ((cell-set! *tokens* (reverse (cell-ref *tokens*))))))

(lex INIT "foo bar 123 baz")

;;; (cell-ref *tokens*) => ((ID . "foo") (ID . "bar") (NUM . "123") (ID . "baz"))
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