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Rename it

Keep your Adobe XD files organized, batch rename layers and artboards. Checkout the website

Rename Selected Layers

Multiple Layers

Rename Multiple layers at once.


Sequentially rename layers in either ascending or descending order.

Rename in Sequence

  • Keyword %n - Ascending numbered sequence
  • Keyword %N - Descending numbered sequence
  • Keyword %A - Alphabet sequence
Pro Tip
  • Keyword %nn - This will output 01, 02, 03 and so on
  • Keyword %a - Lowercase alphabet sequence

Current Layer Name

The keyword %* will copy the current selected layer(s) name.

Current Layer Name

Layer Name Case

You can use the %* with combination of letters to convert the layer name case.

  • Keyword %*u% - Convert to UPPER CASE
  • Keyword %*l% - Convert to lower case
  • Keyword %*t% - Convert to Title Case
  • Keyword %*uf% - Convert to Upper first word
  • Keyword %*c% - Convert to camelCase (This will remove the spaces)

Add Width and Height

Rename layer(s) with the width %W and height %H of a layer.

Width and Height

NOTE: % can be escaped with a backslash \

Find & Replace in Selected Layers

Replace any word(s) or character(s) from selected layers.

Find & Replace

Rename Artboards

You can use both commands Rename Selected Layers and Find & Replace in Selected Layers on artboards. They behave the same way as when renaming a layer.

Rename Artboards

More Info

Rename It is maintained by Rodrigo Soares, follow me @rodi01

Checkout the website for more

MIT License © Rodrigo Soares.


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Keep your Adobe XD files organized, batch rename layers and artboards.






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