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SWRoute is a tiny Swift wrapper over rd_route(). It allows you to route (hook) quite any function/method with another function/method or even a closure.

This code hasn't been updated since Xcode beta 1, so it may be outdated. Remember, it's just a proof-of-concept of what you can do in Swift.

If you're curious how it works, check out an article „Function hooking in Swift“.

Going to use it in your iOS project? Please, read the corresponding section below.

Exported interface

class SwiftRoute {
    class func replace<MethodT>(function targetMethod : MethodT, with replacement : MethodT) -> Int
Argument Type (in/out) Description
function in (required) a function/method to override
with in (required) any other function/method or closure to overrride a function with
Return value

KERN_SUCCESS (== 0) upon success, > 0 otherwise.

Example usage

(see SWRouteTests/SWRouteTests.swift for more)

class DemoClass {
    func demoMethod(arg: Int) -> Int {
        return (42 + arg);

var err = SwiftRoute.replace(function: DemoClass().demoMethod, with: {
    (arg : Int) -> Int in
        return (90 + arg)

SWRoute and iOS

Unfortunately rd_route (the back-end of SWRoute) doesn't work well on iOS (until jailbroken), because it does some tricks with memory pages that aren't allowed there. But you can choose any other library for function hooking instead! I recommend libevil by Landon Fuller.

You'll only need rd_get_func_impl.c source file included into your project to create your version of SWRoute:

// Route functions in Swift using libevil and rd_get_func_impl()
import Darwin

    func rd_get_func_impl<Q>(Q) -> UInt64;
    func evil_init();
    func evil_override_ptr(UInt64, UInt64, CMutablePointer<UInt64>) -> CInt;

class EvilRoute {
    struct onceToken {
        static var token : dispatch_once_t = 0

    class func replace<MethodT>(function targetMethod : MethodT, with replacement : MethodT) -> Int
        dispatch_once(&onceToken.token, {

        let err: CInt = evil_override_ptr(rd_get_func_impl(DemoClass().demoMethod),

        return Int(err)



//  Copyright © 2014 Dmitry Rodionov <>
//  This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
//  terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2,
//  as published by Sam Hocevar. See the COPYING file for more details.

If you found any bug(s) or something, please open an issue or a pull request — I'd appreciate your help! (^,,^)

Dmitry Rodionov, 2014


PoC of function hooking in Swift




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