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Affordable Digital HD Video Transmission made easy!

Ez-WifiBroadcast is a radically simple digital data transmission system. A bidirectional data link is established using commercial off-the-shelf hardware like WiFi modules and a pair of Raspberry Pi computers. Coupled with special software this unique system allowes transmission of low latency HD video, telemetry and control data between endpoints. In comparison to a classical wireless connection Ez-WifiBroadcast tries to imitate the famous properties of an analog link like graceful signal degradation and no association between the endpoints.

EZ-WifiBroadcast system is based on Befinitiv's Wifibroadcast project but since then has signicantly evolved and matured thanks to the active support from open source community members.


IMPORTANT: Read and follow the wiring instructions

Main Features

  • Supports Raspberry Pi1A+, Pi1B+, Pi2B, Pi3B (Pi3A+ and Pi3B+ currently not supported!), Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, Odroid-W
  • Typical glass-to-glass talency of ~125ms. Minimum achieved latency ~110ms (FPV-VR app allows for lower latency)
  • Raspberry Pi V1 and V2 cameras supported
  • HDMI cameras supported via HDMI-CSI adapters
  • Up to 1920x1080p 30fps Resolution and up to 12Mbit video bitrate achived
  • Support for 2.3/2.4/2.5Ghz bands as well as 5.2Ghz to 5.8Ghz bands
  • Ranges of 300m to 3km can be easily achived. In some special setups range of 30km was achived
  • Bi-directional MAVLink telemetry support
  • RC Control via MAVLink, SUMD (Graupner/JR), IBUS (FlySky), SRXL (Multiplex)
  • Quick bootup/startup, up to 10 seconds until video link is up

Full list of features can be found here

For Contributors

Please use develop branch for making any changes. When code is tested and is ready to be pushed to master branch create a Pull Request and assign or invite other users to review and approve your changes. When the change is approved it can be merged to the master branch.

Afterwards a new release can be created and tagged.

Code of merit

If you are in some way contributing to the project development please read Code of merit document to familiarize yourself with the rules.


  • EZ-WifiBroadcast is licensed under GPLv2, you can find it's contents in this link
  • Raspbian, Linux Kernel, Drivers are licensed under GPLv2
  • Original code (if found) is licensed as stipulated in respective source files or under the GPLv2 license otherwise

Acknowledgements for contributed work

Read about it here


Ez-WifiBroadcast logo was contributed by Richard Caseres (user @richardbmx) which we are all thankful for.


This is a free software and comes with no Warranty as stated in parts 11 and 12 of GPLv2 license.