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Hardware ~ Supported Pi models

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EZ-WiFiBroadcast as of now supports the following Raspberry Pi models:

  • Raspberry Pi A+ * (NOT the new Pi3A+)
  • Raspberry Pi 1B+ *
  • Raspberry Pi 2B
  • Raspberry Pi Pi3B (NOT the new Pi3B+)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero *
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W *
  • Odroid-W (not available anymore ...)


AirPi: The CPUs on the Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi Zero are around 75% maxxed out with standard settings (6Mbit bitrate, 8/4/1024 FEC). Two AirPi WiFi dongles and bitrates above about 9Mbit/s (depending on FEC settings etc.) will not be possible.

GroundPi: Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi Zero are not supported anymore from version 1.3 on. Use a Pi2 or Pi3.- i.e: GroundPi needs to be at least a Pi2



Hardware Setup

Software Setup

RC Control

Ground Stations

Expert Settings

Extensions / AddOns

  • HDMI-in cards
  • WebCams
  • Video Switcher
  • Thermal (FLIR, Seek)
  • 360° cameras


Developer's Corner


Known Issues

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