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Welcome to the wiki!

Please read through this page and other sub-pages before you start asking questions on the forum.


Quick Start

  • Download the sdcard image and unzip it

  • Write it onto two (minimum 2GB) SD cards. One for the AirPi and another for the GroundPi. See instructions on this page on how to write .img files on SD cards. Pi with the camera connected will act as AirPi, without camera will act as GroundPi.

  • Insert each SD card into each Raspberry Pi and boot them up.


  • Do not change anything for first tests. The system will start the first time on a frequency in the 2.4GHz band

  • If everything runs as intended, put each SD Card in Windows computer or anything that has a text editor (Tablet, Smartphone),and edit wifibroadcast-1.txt configuration options. Other options are available osdconfig.txt and apconfig.txt. NOTE: it is good practice to have all settings identical in both sd cards

  • See under configuration options and the "Setup Sections" in the sidebar for more info



Hardware Setup

Software Setup

RC Control

Ground Stations

Expert Settings

Extensions / AddOns

  • HDMI-in cards
  • WebCams
  • Video Switcher
  • Thermal (FLIR, Seek)
  • 360° cameras


Developer's Corner


Known Issues

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