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Update CHANGLEOG for 2.7.4

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1 parent 47135fb commit 41f23f16c1669c7d219ae8cd39c6257dcf31534d @stahnma stahnma committed Sep 28, 2011
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@@ -1,21 +1,17 @@
+47135fb Resist directory traversal attacks through indirections. (CVE-2011-3484)
+9dd18cf Updated CHANGELOG for 2.7.4rc3
fe92f20 (#9440) Allow cron vars to have leading whitespace
da69637 Fix failing spec for resource file
7a39ca7 (#8667) Write out a list of resources that are managed by puppet agent
bc40516 Fix order dependent spec failure in exec specs
-3b152e4 (#7114) Fix value validation on options
-aa1b36f (#7114) Add tests for option property
+a20551f Updated CHANGELOG for 2.7.4rc2
d59a0b3 Update certificate_spec.rb test to include spec_helper
f325b40 Fix #7984 - GigabitEthernet/TenGigabitEthernet are uncorrectly parsed
6cc15c2 Fix #7983 - Cisco uptime facts doesn't always work
41302e9 Fixes #9143, allows macauthorization provider to work on OS X Lion 10.7
+5a3f24d Updated CHANGELOG for 2.7.4rc1
04519a7 Revert "Merge pull request #100 from glarizza/tickets/2.7.x/9192_launchd_fix"
769f2b2 Revert "Merge pull request #99 from nigelkersten/tickets/2.7.x/9143-make-macauthorization-work-on-lion"
ff13d8d Add comment explaining helper method
@@ -165,6 +161,8 @@ a110d83 Maint: Fix poor documentation for versioncmp function.
c209f62 Add document outlining preferred contribution methods
839e7c9 (#7999) Add some basic tests of the systemd provider
1cae354 (#7999) Add a service provider that manages systemd services natively
+3b152e4 (#7114) Fix value validation on options
+aa1b36f (#7114) Add tests for option property

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