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Readying for release of 2.6.9

Signed-off-by: Michael Stahnke <>
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1 parent 1b3130c commit bbde5b599b9cfec4e7eee3f96848c0ef1e574208 @stahnma stahnma committed Jun 21, 2011
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@@ -1,69 +1,41 @@
-c6909a6 Merge branch '2.6.x' into 2.6rc
-fc530ac Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/7506' into 2.6.x
db1a392 (#7506) Organize READMEs; specify supported Ruby versions in
-4fb7cfe Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/6418' into 2.6.x
381fa40 (#6418) Make test 64118 more portable
-f8c1132 Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/7127-prerun-command-failures-dont-stop-puppet' into 2.6.x
98ba407 (#7127) Stop puppet if a prerun command fails
6996e0b Do not needlessly create multiple reports when creating a transaction
-01c1142 Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/4416' into 2.6.x
caca469 (#4416) Ensure types are providified after reloading
413b136 (#4416) Always remove old provider before recreating it
d866ce1 Cleanup indentation, comment, and unused code
-b1a506c Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/2128_docstrings' into 2.6.x
98f58ce (#2128) Add WARNING for node_name_{fact,value} descriptions
1cd848c (#2128) Whitespace only reflow commit
d9b5c1a (#2128) In-line docs for node_name_{fact,value}
-e62734c Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/650' into 2.6.x
3f0dbb5 (#650) Allow symlinks for configuration directories
c260cf1 Fix acceptance tests not managing their masters
-3d09ca8 Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/2128' into 2.6.x
1c70f0c (#2128) Add support for setting node name based on a fact
c629958 (#2128) Get facts before retrieving catalog
cd4fe14 (#2128) Add the ability to specify a node name
8ebec1e (#7193) Fix path issues with acceptance tests that call old shell tests
-9660f5e Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/6885-puppet-agent-fingerprint-requires---verbose-to-return-a-value' into 2.6.x
16b2311 (#6885) puppet agent fingerprint requires --verbose to return a value.
a00fd25 maint: Refactor specs in preparation for making node name more flexible
-805b287 Merge branch 'bug/2.6.x/5318-minimal-fix' into 2.6.x
75e2764 (#5318) Always notice changes to manifests when compiling.
-6a00289 Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/7681' into 2.6.x
4a5e99d (#7681) Add an acceptance test for resource refs with array variables
-d7ce922 Merge branch 'test/2.6.x/4123' into 2.6.x
646919e (4123) Fix test for 4123/4 on old egrep in cent4
-cbc123c Merge branch '' into 2.6.x
-25eab1a Merge branch 'ticket/' into
8b76be3 (#3836) External nodes should only capture stdout
-1f438da Merge branch '' into 2.6.x
-1f438da Merge branch '' into 2.6.x
8f907f2 adding test for ticket 7139
-97e8ef3 Merge branch 'ticket/' into
90eb937 (#7139) Accept '/' as a valid path in filesets
-37c86dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'toddz/feature/' into
-2892068 Merge branch 'ticket/' into
1b2a7d9 case seems needless here as there is only two opts, also the rest of the file seems to use if so this should make thin
-c4a2647 Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/6845' into
729336e (#6845) Mount writes incorrect vfstab entries
-6ab2243 Merge branch 'ticket/' into
16cf1ac (#6442) Be able to start agents --listen without namespaceauth.conf
-361d6a3 Merge branch 'tickets/' into
0352402 (#3420) Nagios "name" attribute does not output correctly
-ddc4e14 Merge branch 'tickets/' into
f656818 (#4487) When setting environment on a host, ensure it is a string.
2cce326 add test for ticket 7101
-1ee6f94 Merge branch 'tickets/2.6.x/6487-help-directoryservice-provider-work-on-future-OSX-versions' into
c306db2 (#6487) Add some testing for OS X version support in DirectoryService provider
0008b63 (#6487) Directoryservice provider will fail in future OS releases
-0b9c7ad Merge branch 'maint/' into
34f9f41 Maint: Fix a #4655 introduced log inconsistency
6b18f8f Move acceptance tests from puppet-acceptance repo
-f6afa87 Merge branch 'ticket/' into
9a5bf6e Fixed #7166 - Replaced deprecated stomp "send" method with "publish"
-72cd6fb Merge branch 'tickets/2.6.x/4655-parameterized-classes-default-stages' into
656eff8 (#4655) Allow stage to be set using a default class parameter
-16d1f78 Merge remote branch 'james/tickets/2.6.x/6681' into
7f658e6 vim: Initial ftplugin and indent support
ccbe9f3 Fixed #6681 - Remove --force-yes option from aptitude is used
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
Name: puppet
Version: 2.6.9
-Release: 0.1.rc1%{?dist}
+Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: A network tool for managing many disparate systems
License: GPLv2
@@ -253,6 +253,9 @@ fi
rm -rf %{buildroot}
+* Tue Jun 21 2011 Michael Stahnke <> - 2.6.9-1
+- Release of 2.6.9
* Wed Jun 15 2011 Todd Zullinger <> - 2.6.9-0.1.rc1
- Update rc versioning to ensure 2.6.9 final is newer to rpm
- sync changes with Fedora/EPEL

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