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Iteration-2011-03-16-master: Merge branch 'next'

tagged · 1680 commits to master since this tag

* next: (198 commits)
  (#6722) load all functions before testing...
  Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.7rc1
  (#5073) Download plugins even if you're filtering on tags
  Fix #5610: Prevent unnecessary RAL lookups
  Revert "Merge branch 'ticket/2.6.x/5605' of git:// into"
  (#6723) Fix withenv environment restoration bug
  (#6689) Remove extraneous include of Puppet::Util in InventoryActiveRecord
  Remove extra trailing whitespace from lib/puppet/resource.rb
  (#5428) More fully "stub" Puppet::Resource::Reference for use with storedconfigs
  (#6707) Fix typo in rest_authconfig.rb
  (#6689) Make inventory_active_record terminus search quickly
  (#5479) Test that we auto-require the zone dataset.
  (#5479) Autorequire zfs filesystem when zone dataset is configured
  (#5392) Give a better error when realizing a non-existant resource
  (#2645) Adding a less-stubby test to verify the "system" attribute's behavior
  Update CHANGELOG for 2.6.6
  maint: Remove serialization of InventoryFact values
  maint: Rename InventoryHost to InventoryNode
  (#6441) Add mount fixture for AIX's /etc/filesystems
  Fixed #2645 - Added support for creating system users


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