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This is a module for Puppet that will turn your existing Puppetmaster box into a Func overlord and your Puppet hosts into Func minions (making use of the existing Puppet SSL certificates for authentication, rather than generating new ones for Func).


  • Puppet
  • Augeas (w/ Ruby bindings)
  • Func & Certmaster packages


Using the awesome puppet-module tool

# cd /path/to/your/puppet/modules
# puppet-module install rodjek-func

By hand:

# cd /path/to/your/puppet/modules
# git clone git:// func
# /etc/init.d/puppetmaster restart


func::overlord (puppetmaster)

Add the following to your Puppetmaster's manifest

func::overlord { $fqdn:
    listen_address       => "<IP address to bind to>",


  • listen_address: The IP that certmaster will listen on
  • certmaster_version: The package version that you want to install (defaults to "installed")
  • puppetmaster_ssl_dir: The path that puppetmasterd stores it's SSL certificates in (defaults to "/var/lib/puppet/ssl")

func::minion (puppet)

Add the following to the manifests of all the hosts you want Func to have access to (this may also include the Puppetmaster)

func::minion { $fqdn: }


  • master: The FQDN or IP of the Func overlord (defaults to "puppet.${domain}")
  • func_version: The package version that you want to install (defaults to "installed")
  • puppet_ssl_dir: The path that puppetd stores it's SSL certificates in (defaults to "/var/lib/puppet/ssl")


Thanks go to hakamadare for the RHEL support