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Update readme to reflect the current names of the flags for disabling…

… checks. The documented options no longer appear to be correct.
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### puppet-lint
You can disable any of the checks when running the `puppet-lint` command by
-adding a `--disable-<check name>` flag to the command. For example, if you
+adding a `--no-<check name>-check` flag to the command. For example, if you
wanted to skip the 80 character check, you would run
-puppet-lint --disable-80chars /path/to/my/manifest.pp
+puppet-lint --no-80chars-check /path/to/my/manifest.pp
puppet-lint will also check for a `.puppet-lintrc` file in the current
@@ -243,9 +243,16 @@ wanted to always skip the hard tab character check, you could create
`~./puppet-lintrc` containing
+For a list of all the flags just type:
+puppet-lint --help
### Rake task
You can also disable checks when running puppet-lint through the supplied Rake

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