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puppet-module changes


  • Add ability to install modules with hyphens
  • Add check for symlink when installing
  • Install modules to their name not "full name"
  • Add semantic version support


  • Fixed documentation formatting.


  • Renamed CLI tool and gem to puppet-module. Please run gem uninstall pmt to get rid of old versions of the program.
  • Added 'usage' action to display the usage information for this tool.
  • Added 'changelog' action to display the changelog for this tool.


  • Fixed 'generate' action to create files and directories that follow Puppet best-practices.


  • Fixed rake tasks so that RSpec isn't required to run those tasks that don't need it.
  • Fixed generated dependency metadata so that version and repository values are only set if specified.


  • Fixed program so it'd be pure Ruby, it used to depend on the Versionomy library which required compiled extensions.


  • Fixed gem builder to no longer install Puppet as a dependency since users can have a non-gem version.



  • Improved user documentation, explained different ways to run the program.


  • Fixed Rakefile, readded the rspec tasks inadvertantly removed in r0.2.2.
  • Fixed builder to extract information about Puppet providers.
  • Fixed tool's method for getting the current repository to use Puppet's settings.
  • Improved cli_spec, added examples describing how to build a module's checksums, dependencies and Puppet types and providers.
  • Improved builder to produce pretty JSON that's easy for a human to read.


  • Fixed unpacker to use the private working directory instead of '/tmp'.
  • Fixed installer, it now detects if a module is already installed.
  • Fixed default repository path to ''
  • Fixed README's license text to explain that GPLv2 or later is acceptable.
  • Added rake gem to build a gem in the 'pkg' directory.


  • Fixed license to refer to 'Puppet Labs'.
  • Added user documentation to README.markdown.


  • Fixed errors causing tool to add unwanted hyphens to ends of names.
  • Fixed loading of 'puppet' gem conditionally, instead of failing on startup.
  • Fixed startup to create required work directory, instead of failing on startup.
  • Fixed repository to use a default repository URL rather than failing without arguments.
  • Fixed setting of module's full name to ensure a valid name.
  • Fixed generator to refuse to generate a directory with an invalid name.
  • Fixed installer to refuse to install a file with an invalid name.
  • Fixed unpacker to install into directory with the module's full name.
  • Fixed installer to install files from the local filesystem.
  • Fixed lookup of tool's root directory to use correct, simple and reliable mechanism.
  • Fixed problematic 'autoload' calls and reorganized how libraries are loaded.
  • Fixed and expanded README instructions.
  • Disabled actions 'freeze', 'register', 'release' and 'unrelease' to save time, users can use the website for these.
  • Improved cleaner, it can now be called as a library method.
  • Added test suite, brought test code coverage up to 86%.
  • Added documentation to most of application's methods, classes, and lightly refactored.
  • Added libraries and methods to stub and test methods accessing remote resources.
  • Added #tap and #returning methods to clarify code.


Initial draft.